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What we provide

we provide Altitude provides customized human resources solutions tailored to meet your ever changing needs.
Our business is to manage your company's human resource functions in a cost-effective manner. By outsourcing your human resource functions, you gain what matters most in running your business - peace of mind and time!
Altitude is geared towards managing all aspects of your human resource needs in a high-touch fashion. We become your human resource department. We can handle as much, or as little, as your needs dictate.
Why Outsourcing Works

outsourcing According to survey respondents say the number one reason to outsource is administrative relief. Other reasons include:
  • Focus on the core business - Remove the distractions of handling employee matters, tax filings, and focus on the business.
  • Reduce risk of error - How many businesses can afford to hire the right talent to make certain everything's done according to the law?
  • Control expenses - When times are tough having cost fixed is essential. In good times it means more profit to the bottom line.
  • Reduce internal labor costs - Outsourcing allows the internal staff to focus on what makes the company money.
  • Keep up with the changing labor and tax laws - To keep pace with the ever changing labor and tax laws you might have to hire an entire department just to read through the laws, not to mention understanding them.
Outsourcing to Altitude provides everything you need to have peace of mind and more time to manage your business.
Why outsourcing your HR works!

outsource HR Outsourcing your HR functions allows you to focus on the core of your business and provides the relief necessary from all the employer-related responsibilities. Effective HR management impacts your bottom line. Your people are real assets and provide real bottom-line results.
The fact is, with the ever-changing laws that govern employment, it can be difficult to keep up with the regulations you are required to know.
By outsourcing your HR to Altitude, you handle the business, we handle the rest! Our trained staff focuses on the changes that impact being an employer today. We can provide a custom solution tailored to your company's specific needs.